Charles Jerome Rothbaum was admitted to the California Bar 13th December 1972, but has since been disbarred. Charles graduated from Golden Gate University SOL.

Lawyer Information

NameCharles Jerome Rothbaum
First Admitted13 December 1972 (49 years, 9 months ago)
Bar Number54450


Phone Number702-617-2218


Law SchoolGolden Gate University SOL (San Francisco CA)
Undergraduate SchoolUniversity of San Fernando Valley (CA)


Current Address3311 Sunfish Dr #B
Henderson, NV 89014-0216


26 June 2005Disbarred (17 years, 3 months ago)
Disbarment 01-O-04073
29 January 2005Not eligible to practice law in CA (17 years, 8 months ago)
Ordered inactive 02-N-15774
4 March 2004Disciplinary charges filed in State Bar Court 02-N-15774 (18 years, 7 months ago)
4 March 2004Disciplinary charges filed in State Bar Court 01-O-04073 (18 years, 7 months ago)
16 September 2003Not eligible to practice law in CA (19 years ago)
Suspended, failed to pay fees
9 November 2001Not eligible to practice law in CA (20 years, 10 months ago)
Discipline w/actual suspension 98-O-00402
4 November 2001Not eligible to practice law in CA (20 years, 11 months ago)
Ordered Inactive/Fee Arb/B&P 6203
19 September 2001Active (21 years ago)
1 September 2001Not eligible to practice law in CA (21 years, 1 month ago)
Suspended, failed to pay fees
27 September 1999Active (23 years ago)
27 September 1999Not eligible to practice law in CA (23 years ago)
3 February 1982Active (40 years, 8 months ago)
6 July 1981Not eligible to practice law in CA (41 years, 3 months ago)
Suspended, failed to pay fees
13 November 1980Active (41 years, 10 months ago)
16 November 1978Not eligible to practice law in CA (43 years, 10 months ago)
Suspended, failed to pay fees
13 December 1972Admitted to the State Bar of California (49 years, 9 months ago)

Discipline Summaries

November 9, 2001

CHARLES J. ROTHBAUM [#54450], 56, of Visalia was suspended for three years, stayed, placed on five years of probation with an actual 145-day suspension, and was ordered to prove his rehabilitation, make restitution, take the MPRE and comply with rule 955. The order took effect Nov. 9, 2001.

Rothbaum stipulated to seven counts of misconduct in four consolidated cases.

In the first, he failed to return a client’s file six years after defending him in a criminal trial. He eventually returned the file more than a year later.

He failed to appear at two hearings in a juvenile criminal matter and was relieved as counsel. He refunded the unearned $1,500 fee after the client complained to the State Bar.

Another client, in custody in Bakersfield, hired Rothbaum to represent her in a federal matter in Arkansas. The client’s sister paid him $10,000 as a flat fee, but he took no action to represent her other than one jail visit.

The client was sent to Arkansas, but Rothbaum did not contact her there, filed no motions, made no appearances and took no action to be admitted there.

When he did not refund the advance fee, the client’s sister sought arbitration and won an award requiring Rothbaum to return the money. The client complained to the bar and a payment scheduled was created, but he missed payments and bounced checks. Meanwhile, he informed the bar he was on schedule in paying the money. He eventually paid the money and interest.

In a fourth matter, Rothbaum defended a man accused of criminal child molestation. Without a written fee agreement, the defendant’s family agreed to a $15,000 fee. When Rothbaum discovered the case was significantly more complicated than he originally thought, he told the defendant he could represent him only if he paid $25,000. The client agreed and at the same time asked Rothbaum to safeguard a duffel bag for him.

Through the defendant’s sister and Rothbaum’s investigator, Rothbaum came into possession of two duffel bags and several guns which he transferred to a commercial storage facility. He was uncertain if the items were connected to his client’s case and took steps to get some advice, but never followed through. He never disclosed to the court or the prosecutor that he was in possession of his client’s property.

Eventually, Rothbaum’s relationship with his client broke down and he was relieved as counsel. The client’s sister went to fee arbitration and was awarded a refund of $22,448, which Rothbaum never paid.

He stipulated that he failed to perform legal services competently or to abide by his duty to deliver evidence related to the criminal case to the court.

In mitigation, he has no record of discipline, and he had emotional or physical difficulties or family problems at the time of the misconduct.